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  • Acetone Acetone


    This strong, fast-acting solvent is a thinner and remover for specified coatings, including polyester and epoxy resins, ink, adhesives and contact cement.Acetone is an effective cleanup solvent after the completion of a fiberglass project, for removal of...

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  • Akemi Stone Polish Wax LT.

    Akemi Stone Polish Wax LT.

    Stone Polish - wax based concentrated high-quality wax emulsion on a watery basis with increased polymers which is free of solvents, slight colour intensification It forms a protective coating which is extremely resistant to wear and tear and is glossy...

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  • Denatured Alcohol Denatured Alcohol

    Denatured Alcohol

     VOC Content Exempt, Application High Grade Burning Fuel for Alcohol Chafing Dishes and Stoves, Application Method Brush, Roll, Cloth Restricted: This item is only for use by business customers with verifiable commercial use case applications...

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  • Skudo Universal Plus Skudo Universal Plus

    Skudo Universal Plus

    Tenax Skudo Universal Plus 1 LtStrong water based stain protection...Ideal for compact materials and stones that are hard to seal.Skudo Universal Plus is a strong water-based sealer that provides excellent water-oil stain protection. Does not change...

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  • Tenax Te Pouch Tenax Te Pouch

    Tenax Te Pouch

    TePouch Stain Remover Pouch contains stone-safe surfactants and diatomaceous earth with the ease of a pouch similar to those used in teabags, for the first easy to use poultice stain remover for stone products. By utilizing the stain process reversal...

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  • Tenax TeBlossom Poultice Kit Tenax TeBlossom Poultice Kit

    Tenax TeBlossom Poultice Kit

    Tenax TeBlossom Green Stain Removal KitTenax TeBlossom is a 2 part chemical poultice process that removes the green or blue stain caused from chip repair kits. 8 oz kit Does not etch the stone 2 part chemical removes the stain Application similar to...

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