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Router Bits

  • Apexx Router Bits

    APEXX Continuous-Rim Router Bit Featuring the brass core to best preserve diamond strength Wet use only Material type: Engineered stone, Granite, Marble Custom-profile router bits upon request Fit Master, Sector, Magnum, and other standard...

  • Replacement Segments for 2cm and 3cm E Profile

    Replacement Segments for 2cm and 3cm E Profile

      OMA Replacement Segments is a brilliant design and concept for Position 1 Router bits. OMA Pos 1 bits are produced with solid brass. This costs more than the cheap metals. But there is a great reason behind it. OMA pos 1 brass bits are...

  • Hurricane Router Bits

    Hurricane Router Bits

    New diamond bond formula increases profile preparation speed and reduces profile deformation Available in coarse and medium positions

  • Cyclone Router Bits

    Cyclone Router Bits

    The most popular edges always in stock: ogee, full-bull,demi-bull available in coarse and medium Double-breaker bits for full-bull nose prep 3mm diamond depth 50% more diamond surface than the industry standard Contain ISD 1700 grade diamonds- the...

  • Apexx Brazed Profile for Angle Grinder

    Apexx Brazed Profile for Angle Grinder

    Apexx profiler for angle grinders provides a perfect solution for countertop edge profiling without a router. With advanced and consistent vacuum brazing technology, the profiler can be used dry or wet, however, cooling water is recommended for...