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  • 4" Cyclone System R Series (3.5MM)

    4" Cyclone System R Series (3.5MM)

    Thicker 3.5mm pads with our highest selling R series tread pattern Available in 30, 50, 100, 300, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 grits Pads may be used interchangeably with other Diamax wet polishing...

  • Cyclone CNC Core Bits

    Cyclone CNC Core Bits

    -T-segment design with new diamond technology increases life and minimizes segment loss-Designed with slot-openings on each side which prevents blow outs-Half-gas threading for CNC machine use-Feed...

  • Cyclone CNC Z Wheel

    Cyclone CNC Z Wheel

    Available in both 60 mm and 80 mm Ultra-aggressive design for fast work at minimal spindle feed Extends the life of the first position on your profile bit sequence

  • Cyclone Continuous Rim Blade

    Cyclone Continuous Rim Blade

    Most versatile blade that cuts granite, marble, porcelain, and ceramic tile Also used widely in counter top fabrication for granite, engineered stone and marble Ideal for cleaning seams and...

  • Cyclone Contour Blade

    Cyclone Contour Blade

    Vortex segments designed for faster and smoother cutting Side protection helps keep cuts smooth Increased segment height for longer life

  • Cyclone Dry Wet Core Bit

    Cyclone Dry Wet Core Bit

    -Our fastest core bit will drill most granite in under 30 seconds with water-Largest inventory available from 1in to 6in-A better alternative to thin wall core bits-Vacuum-brazed...

  • Cyclone Dryflex II Polishing Pads

    Cyclone Dryflex II Polishing Pads

    Same professional finish as Dryflex at a more affordable cost 4000 and 5000 grits used with a trickle of water makes for the best final buffs in the business Must have for every tool box

  • Cyclone Electroplated Blade

    Cyclone Electroplated Blade

    Thin core design allows for sharp, clean cuts in all marbles Secret electroplating process separates this blades performance from all others For straight cuts only

  • Cyclone Electroplated Contour Blade

    Cyclone Electroplated Contour Blade

    Contour shape is designed for curve cutting and sink cut-outs Redesigned with vortex side protection for smoother cutting Advanced and highly secretive production process separates Cyclone...

  • Cyclone Finger Bits

    Cyclone Finger Bits

    Available in 1 5/8 and 2 1/2 for different granite thickness Bottom segment gives the CNC operator the option of drilling into the slab like a core bit The 6 segment finger bit has the first ever...

  • Cyclone Flat Resin Cup Wheel

    Cyclone Flat Resin Cup Wheel

    Updated coarse grit is more aggressive Longest lasting cup wheel available Designed to be used dry or wet Safer than silicone carbide wheels Beveled edge helps grind over curved edges with...

  • Cyclone Hex Flat Resin Cup Wheel

    Cyclone Hex Flat Resin Cup Wheel

    Increased resin surface gives a smooth feel when grinding More aggressive than the Cyclone Flat Resin Cup Wheel Flat 90 degree surface allows for corner shaping and grinding 5/8in 11 thread...