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  • Omni Cubed Edge Seamer

    Omni Cubed Edge Seamer

    PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Take the twist out of sink rails Dial-in flawless edge seams Perfect solution for leveling seams along cutouts Fast, easy, and more reliable than shims alone Integrated rail pads for fine-tuning Rubber bumpers protect finished...

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  • Omni Cubed Sink Hole Saver EDGE v3

    Omni Cubed Sink Hole Saver EDGE v3

    Product Highlights Pays for itself with one prevented break Edge-mounted reinforcement system for fragile materials Perfect solution for strengthening cutouts, backsplashes, and other fragile pieces Mechanical clamps slide in rail for custom...

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  • Omni Cubed Lamination Clamp

    Omni Cubed Lamination Clamp

    Product Highlights Reduce clamping labor by 75% or more Superior speed, quality, and durability Consistently achieve tight, even seams Patented hidden thread design prevents epoxy contamination Large handles provide more torque for easy...

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  • Abaco 90 Degree Clamp M3

    Abaco 90 Degree Clamp M3

    Abaco 90° Clamp is designed for the perfect positioning and locking fascia (apron) to the countertop via mitre joints. Its adjustable jaw allows to hold various heights and thicknesses. By combining two or more 90 degrees clamps, longer lengths can...

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