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  • ItalDiamant Marble Blade

    ItalDiamant Marble Blade

    CUTTING BLADES FOR MARBLE Vertical cutting blades for cleaving machines and block cutters; horizontal or lateral bladess with standard or silent cores; the range is very wide for variety and dimensions. The possibility to customize and adapt the product...

  • Topgun Windmill Marble Blade

    Topgun Windmill Marble Blade

    TOPGUN Windmill Electroplated Marble Blades Vortex side protection for cleaner 90 degree Cut; Premium electroplated diamonds; Material: Marble, Limestone; Dry or wet use.   20802-01003 5" 7/8" 12,000...

  • Zenesis Marble Blade

    Zenesis Marble Blade

    ZENESIS now offers its exclusive patterned technology in a bridge saw blade designed specifically to cut marble and other soft stone products. As expected, this latest ZENESIS blade offers exceptionally smooth, fast and chip-free cutting on all types of...

  • Cyclone Electroplated Blade

    Cyclone Electroplated Blade

    Thin core design allows for sharp, clean cuts in all marbles Secret electroplating process separates this blades performance from all others For straight cuts only