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  • Abaco Collapsible Dumpster

    Abaco Collapsible Abaco Dumpster (Tilt Dumpster) is always a handy way to keep your workshop floor clean and safe. The Dumpster is constructed with heavy gauge sheets, angles, and channel steel. Features: Handy lever action assures safe dumping...

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  • Weha Stone Waste Bag

    Weha Stone Waste Bag with Handles for stone and material scrap, sludge, wasteUse for stone wastes, paving-stones, sand, split, gravel. Small dead weight, high ultimate tensile strength, fully recyclable.Weha Stone waste Bag with handle loops allow the...

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  • Weha Stone Waste Container

    Weha Stone Waste Container

    Weha Yellow Waste Container 1 Cubic YardThe Weha Stone Waste Container helps to solve the waste problem in the workshops.The Weha Stone Waste Bin is suitable for any fork-lift truck and for any length of fork.Simply fill the Weha Stone Waste Container...

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