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Surface Polishing

  • Akemi Stone Polish Wax LT.

    Akemi Stone Polish Wax LT.

    Stone Polish - wax based concentrated high-quality wax emulsion on a watery basis with increased polymers which is free of solvents, slight colour intensification It forms a protective coating which is extremely resistant to wear and tear and is glossy...

  • Tenax Telux Liquid Varnish

    Tenax Telux Liquid Varnish

    Tenax Telux Liquid Varnish 1 LiterExcellent for chiseled edges and the underside of overhangs! Telux is a self polish varnish used to create a polished effect to both smooth and raw materials such as marble, granite, onyx, and agglomerates. Telux forms a...

  • Tenax Marble Polishing Powder 2lb

    Tenax Marble Polishing Powder 2lb

    TENAX MARBLE POLISHING POWDER 1 KG/2 LB This product is designed for use on marble materials in projects requiring stone polishing. Tenax polishing powders are formulated specifically to create a high gloss finish on stone. Tenax polishing powder...

  • Stinger Turbo Discs 3.5in

    Stinger Turbo Discs 3.5in

    The Stinger 3.5in Turbo Flat Polishing Discs have a rigid design making these great for polishing any surface scratches, flat edges, bevels. Seams before laminating to get a super tight seam, as well as reaching tight corners with their special flare...

  • Italian Craftsman Polish

    Italian Craftsman Polish

    Special formulation for Marble and Granite. Cleans and Polishes in one step. Best product for maintenance, preservation and protection of countertops and vanities. Renews polished surface. Protects against fruit juice, alcohol and other staining liquids.

  • CeraFluida Liquid Wax Qt

    CeraFluida Liquid Wax Qt

    Tenax CeraFluida Liquid Wax NewCeraFluida Liquid wax is for the treatment of natural stones like onyxes, marbles, agglomerates and terrazzo material. On marbles it increases the polish and eliminates the superficial defects and accents the color. On...

  • Tenax Wax Paste Clear 1qt

    Tenax Wax Paste Clear 1qt

      Tenax Tewax Clear Wax Paste 1 LiterPREMIUM GRADE WAX -Tenax Tewax is used to increase the polishing effect on onyxes, marble, natural stones, granite, agglomerates, terrazzo. Also it is used to brighten up a lost polish. The application may...