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  • Zak Masking Tape

    Zak Masking Tape

    Small Roll . Width: 98in (24mm) Length: 165ft (50m) Case Count: 100 Rolls Large Roll Width: 1.88in (48mm) Length: 165ft (50m) Color White or Blue

  • Metal Squeegee

    Metal Squeegee

    Lightweight design allows easy maneuverability with less fatigue Rubber blade leaves a streak-free shine with no smears or smudges

  • 1in Blue Masking Tape

    1in Blue Masking Tape

    Tape has a low gloss finish, is easily written on, and is ideal for color coding and labeling.Can be removed from a wide variety of surfaces without surface damage.1 in. x 60 yds

  • 2in Blue Masking Tape

    2in Blue Masking Tape

    A versatile crepe tape for masking a wide range of smooth, lightly textured, and curved surfaces including walls, trim, glass, metal. UV resistance for masking exterior surfaces in direct sun-light. With clean and well bonded surfaces, you'll apply the...

  • Masking Tape

    Masking Tape

    Medium grade for industrial applications.Removes clean from stainless steel and powder coatings.Withstands temperatures to 200°F for 1 hour.Natural crepe paper backing with rubber adhesive.

  • Triton Tape Measure Steel

    Triton Tape Measure Steel

    Product Details Triton Stone tape measure features a stainless steel blade with a tough, embossed finish for working in wet and dirty environments. The easy-to-read, non-glare silver blade resists corrosion and has dual-side printing Tape measure also...

  • Alpha G-Tape

    Alpha G-Tape

    Hand Tearing-Straight and Easy Residue Free Removal Waterproof All-Weather Usage (-40 Deg Ferinheight to +200 Deg Ferinheight) Repositionable Highly Weather/UV Resistant Good Surface Protection Great for Quick Repairs Easily Mark Tape with Ball Point...