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  • DTA Horseshoe Shims

    DTA Horseshoe Shims

    -Professional grade spacers for all types of stone and tile applications. -Will not compress   1/16 spacers come 200pcs/bucket 1/8 spacers come 150pcs/bucket 3/16 spacers come 110pcs/bucket 1/4 spacers come 100pcs/bucket  

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  • Wobble Wedge 300/pc Jar

    Wobble Wedge 300/pc Jar

    Wedge Size: 1.92" x 1.15" x .25" Slope: 5.75º - Flexible rubber-like texture creates firm grip on slick floors Level toilets, tables & furniture - Silence rattling pipes Interlocking ridges for secure stackability - Flexible, non-marring shims...

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  • NSI Twist Shim

    NSI Twist Shim

    Twist Shims is a product designed specifically for leveling stone counter tops over a plywood sub-top or in other hard to access areas. They stand 0.90 inches tall and can be installed in three easy steps. Drive – drive Twist SHIM™ thru...

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  • Nelson Wood Shims

    Nelson Wood Shims

    The Nelson Wood Shims Pro-Pack contains 120 pine shims, a preferred product of fabricators and contractors. The sturdy, closable box holds up well on the job site. Features: Shims with thin, feathered tips Clean and consistent quality in every box 100%...

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  • Nelson Composite Shims 12/BUNDLE

    Nelson Composite Shims 12/BUNDLE

    Our 12-count holed composite bundle is well-suited for installations that require you hammer through a shim. Unlike a plastic shim, the Nelson Composite shim will not shatter. This product is primarily used by professionals and the do-it-yourselfer...

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  • Nelson Composite Shim 8inch-Lined

    Nelson Composite Shim 8inch-Lined

    Packaged in a convenient 12-count bundle, our 8-inch lined composite shims are pre-scored in 1/4in increments, making it easy to snap and measure. Unlike a plastic shim, our composite shim will not shatter. This product is primarily used by professionals...

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