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Ultra Compact/Sintered

  • The BMF Dekton Bridge Saw Blade

    The BMF Dekton Bridge Saw Blade

    The BMF Dekton Silent Core Continuous Rim Bridge Saw Blade is designed for cutting the hardest materials to include Dekton, large format porcelain, neolith, and other natural and engineered stone material. Specially designed segments help to reduce...

  • ItalDiamant Dekton Blade

    ItalDiamant Dekton Blade

    This silent core blade is made by ItalDiamant and is certified and approved by Consentino for cutting Dekton. This silent core blade measures in 14", 16" and 18" x 10mm with a 60/50 arbor. It runs quietly and gives clean chip free cuts on all Dekton...

  • 12 In J Slot Blade 8mm

    12 In J Slot Blade 8mm

    Supreme Quality J-Slot Continuous Rim Diamond Blades utilize professional grade diamond crystals and engineered matrix for super fast, precise and cleaner cutting results on hard porcelain,quarry,marble, granite and natural stone. Innovative J Slot Steel...

  • Cyclone Ultra Mesh Turbo Blade

    Cyclone Ultra Mesh Turbo Blade

    New edition to the Cyclone Ultra line-up The Cyclone Ultra Mesh Turbo blade is designed to cut Ultra Compact surfaces at a fast speed with minimal chipping Ultra thin rim assures a fast clean cut Turbo mesh design allows for optimal cooling Center hub...

  • Cyclone Ultra Silent Core Blade (V2)

    Cyclone Ultra Silent Core Blade (V2)

    New bond and diamond concentration make cuts fast and chip free Designed for use on sintered stone and porcelain panels New reinforced core allows for stable miter cuts

  • Cyclone Porcelain Turbo Blade

    Cyclone Porcelain Turbo Blade

    The new mesh turbo rim minimizes heat caused by friction Cooler rim temperatures increase life and speed of your cut New diamond bond makes this the best continuous rim ever 60 mm to 1in Arbor reducer bushings available for larger blades  

  • Tenax  Dekton Bridge Saw Blade

    Tenax Dekton Bridge Saw Blade

    Tenax 14" Dekton Bridge Saw Blade Specifically marketed to Dekton users 1800-2100 RPM Feed rate/straight cut: 600-1000mm per minute Feed rate/miter cut: 350-800mm per minute Standard 2.3mm core thickness Approved by Cosentino