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Weha 4" Pitbull Hybrid Diamond Resin Cup wheel Rigid Aluminum 100 Grit Wet or Dry

The Weha Pitbull Diamond Resin Cupwheel is a New Hybrid Resin Polishing pad with a harder bond to perform like a resin filled diamond cup wheel. However, the Pitbull Resin Cupwheel will grind and shape with zero chipping on the material.

The Pitbull resin cupwheel comes on a light weight rigid aluminum back. The resin diamond looks like a traditional polishing pad. But the bond is a more durable, longer lasting bond that will outlast traditional polishing pads. 

The Weha Pitbull Resin 100 grit Cup wheel can run wet or dry on all materials including granite, marble, quartz, engineered stone, porcelain, ceramic, cultured, concrete, and other stone with zero chipping. 

Priced much better than traditional resin cupwheels, the Weha Pitbull will prove to be a great diverse asset in any shop.

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